Asian Grilled Steak Rice Bowl or Lettuce Wrap
*This marinade for the steak is a more advanced teriyaki sauce, a more intense flavor with smoky undertones
*Brown garlic and scallions on grill or pan Garlic Cloves, crushed Scallion, whole, sliced Soy Sauce Brown Sugar Dried Red Chili 1 cup of cooked Gen-Ji-Mai per person. Cook according to package. 1 each prime 28 oz porterhouse steak for each 2 people. Or steak of choice. 1 head of large leafy lettuce – red leaf, or Boston or baby gem for every 2 people. Washed dried and separated. 1 stalk of fragrant herbs per person – mint, Thai basil, cilantro, Italian parsley Have lots of “condiments" around – chili paste, salsa, pickled peppers, jalapeños, and citrus wedges
Heat a gas or charcoal grill to a medium high heat. Liberally sprinkle sea salt and fresh ground pepper on both sides of the steak. Add to the grill and cook to desired temperature medium seems to be a good place. Approximately 8 minutes per side total. *Split the time 4 minutes per side, flip and repeat. Always let the meat rest for at least half of the cooking time before slicing. It will keep the meat nice and juicy. When everything is ready, slice the steak of the bone first. You with have a NY on one side and a filet on the other. Keep the cuts layered together on a serving plate. Pile the rice in a bowl, place the lettuce and herbs around and place the sliced steak on top. Then drizzle some of the left over marinade over the rice. Have fun with the rest. If making “lettuce wraps" keep everything separate and then let your guests build their own.
2 Servings Main Dishes Japanese